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Munchkin Kitten for sale near me

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Munchkin Kitten for sale near me

OFFERING EXCLUSIVE AND RARE Munchkin Kitten for sale near me

Munchkins Paws Cattery breeds kittens for sale in Minnesota that are wholesome, attractive, and full of energy. Our Kilt kittens are even more unique because they are descended from Persian, Himalayan, and Siamese bloodlines. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service at Perthshire Kilts Cattery, and we think you'll love working with us. We are confident that your pet will give you a lifetime of love and furry, purring company!


We are located in Minnesota and devote our days to providing for each kitten's health, safety, and socialization. They grow up in a smoke-free, cage-free, immaculate, and devoted family setting. We love and care for our breeding animals just as much as we do our kittens. The pregnant and nursing queens and kittens eat a premium kitten food while the adults are fed a premium food and supplemented with vitamins.

Everywhere in the United States can get deliveries from Munchkin Paw Cattery. If you prefer, you can pick up your pet from the airport or our cattery. We will have many different types of gorgeously colored Scottish fold Kittens for sale available throughout the year, including silvers, chocolates, points, tabbies, and calicos, to name a few.